kiss top

V-day Inspired Looks

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I feel like featuring themed outfit ideas.  Here are some clothing, accessories, and jewelry.  I’ve provided links on everything because I hate seeing something cute and then having to search everywhere for it.


I love Betsey Johnson!  She always has a lot of heart themed bags and wallets.   I love neon anything, so this is adorable to me!



Here’s another found here, on Ebay.

betsey pink heart purse

This one is on sale at Betsey Johnson online for $50.  Use Onsale30 for an additional 30% sale items.

betseybagheartwhite betsey white purse


Lip clutch.  You can find it at Go Jane for around $40.

lip clutch



Me + Mi drippy heart necklace

drippy heart necklace


How cute are these lips?  They have a couple different color options at Elephant Heart Jewelry.  You can also save 20% by signing up for their mailing list.

kiss necklace


I’ve found tons of cool rings on Etsy….. This one is adorable!  It’s sterling silver and around $30.

heart ring


Heart Shaped Glasses.  These are so cute.  You can get them here, for around $6.

heart glasses

Dresses & Tops

The back of this dress is so cute!  I love heart cut outs in anything.  Here’s the link and it’s around $60.

heart cut dress


This heart print dress has a subtle heart pattern.  I think it’s very dainty and has a cool cut out in the back.  Get it for around $50 with free shipping.

heart print dress


This kiss top is from Nasty Gal.  I love the entire look.

kiss top


This top is also from Nasty Gal for under $40.  I love the comic book feel to this.  It’s a little more casual if you’re not into being super girly or dressing up.

lip comic tee nasty gal


This heart sweater is on sale for $33.  Get it at ASOS.  I love this website.

heart sweater


Heart elbow patches are really cute, but still subtle.  This sweater is around $40.  Plus, you can get free shipping and students get 25% off at ASOS.

heart elbow patch


Victoria’s Secret always has cute heart and love themed clothing.  This sweater is adorable.

love vs hoodie

If you want to see V-day nails or hair and make-up ideas check out that post!