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The Fault in Our Stars

Let me just say that I really hate reading sad books, so I was reluctant to read one about two kids with cancer.  I’m really glad that I did read this book because it definitely had some sad parts, but it was a great read.  Hazel is 16 and has been living with stage four cancer for three years.  Her parents think making her go to support group meetings will help Hazel deal with her depression.  This is where she meets Augustus Waters.  The two end up being friends and help each other deal with life with cancer.  I love that these two are sarcastic about cancer and really look at the positive things in their life.  I love that this is not a sappy sob story of someone who has cancer, but is actually really positive and funny.

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I’m really excited for this movie and really glad that I got to read the book first.  The Fault in Our Stars comes out June 6th starring Divergent’s Shailene Woodley.  Check out the trailer!