beauty blender cleanser

The Best Make-up Brush Cleanser

I’ve tried so many different products to clean my brushes and beauty blender, and this is by far the best thing I’ve ever used!  It’s called BlenderCleanser by Beauty Blender.  After using my beauty blender several times, this cleanser gets all the product out of it and took it back to its original bright pink color.  Just use a dime size on your wet brush and work into a lather.  You will be surprised at how much comes off your brush and how clean this product can get your brushes.

I have the solid cleanser, but both work great and you can get it for about $14 on Amazon or at Sephora. You only need a little bit, so this product will go a long way.  I’ve washed mine several times and it looks like I’ve barely used it.  If you use a Beauty Blender, I recommend getting this cleaner.  It’s amazing!

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Watch this video on a cleaning tutorial