Pretty Little Liars Recap: Hot for Teacher

This week’s episode revealed a lot.  Maybe too much.  I’m confused if EzrA is actually A only because the clues are so obvious.  This isn’t the first time the show made you believe someone was A and then retracted the whole thing(Toby and Mona).  But, then again, maybe he really is and they really want you to believe that.  Either way, Ezra is super creepy these days.  If he isn’t A or helping him/her, he might have to stay the bad guy only because it’s gonna be hard to trust him again.


The show is getting really good because you are now seeing the Liars from Ezra’s perspective.  In the past, all you knew was what the girls saw.  Even though it’s through Ezra’s web cam and undercover photog.  Creepy Ezra!  Right now everyone is investigating everyone.  Spencer and Hanna are on Ezra, Emily is tracking down Alison, and Ezra is watching every move the Liars make.

Spencer:  Of all the Liars, she’s going to be the one who will figure out who A is.  So, I’m not surprised that she’s figuring out that Ezra is linked somehow.  She’s even trying to tie him to Ravenswood through his old Alison-shrined-apartment.  How creepy was their encounter and his subtle threat of the consequences of her doing “sloppy work” on her essay?  Super creepy Fitz!  Even though Spencer has been all cracked out this episode, I say give her more Adderall!  Hey, whatever works to find A.


Emily:  I’m not surprised Shana went to Emily.  Of all the Liars, she is the most easily persuaded.  I don’t trust Shana at all.  But, then we’re thrown off because someone attacked her and now she’s backing out.  Emily is gonna have to figure out another way to get the $5,000 cash and note to Alison.  (Also, the poster it came from in Ali’s room is what Shana referred to as the “twin poster.”  I totally believe there is a twin theory going on with Alison and that was a little give away.)

Hanna:  I really like that she’s being portrayed as smarter this season. Even though she’s seeing what Spencer is up to, she’s still scared of A after that dentist incident.  I also think her and Gabe will be an item, especially after her crime novel addiction and him being a cute detective.  At least she got her shoes back!


Aria:   At least she’s starting to pick up that Ezra is getting creepy.  But, she’s still stupid.  Who drives an hour just to get Chickpeas for dinner?  I doubt she even likes Chickpeas.  But, there’s something about Aria that I’ve always been suspicious of.  She’s the best Liar of all the girls and sometimes I think she just plays dumb.  I wonder what she was taking pictures of on her Chickpea adventure.  She’s also wearing a bird necklace, which reminds me of that stupid parrot.



So, Wren is obviously up to no good and is probably supplying the entire school with drugs.  Who needs 5 prescription pads?  He’s definitely connected to A somehow.  What’s up with the counselor?  I don’t know if he’s good or bad yet.  Ali just left on a bus.  Where did the money in the poster come from?  The number on the note is also a NYC number.  And where is she going?  It’s going to be awesome when the girls tell Aria about Ezra.  Can’t wait for next week.  Comment below your thoughts or theories 🙂