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Bachelorette Recap: Hometown Dates

This is one of my favorite episodes!  I love when the Bachelor/Bachelorette gets to meet the final four’s families!  Andi gets to see inside the lives of her final guys and this group is going to be very interesting. The first hometown date is with Nick is Milwaukee.  They start off at a brewery get…

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Hottie of the Week: Tatiana Maslany

Orphan Black is a science fiction thriller series that has turned into such a popular show.  It stars Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany, who plays 12 different character on the series!  This girl is crazy good and it’s amazing how great she is at switching between each character.  Maslany won the Critics’ Choice Television Award and…

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Bachelorette Recap: Week 7, Belgium

This episode is a pivotal week because the four guys to get a rose will be going on Hometown Dates!  The group is in Belgium and there will be 2 individual dates (with no rose) and 1 group date (with a rose). The first one-on-one goes to Marcus!  He’s been a front runner for Andi…


Vow VoxBox from Influenster

Every so often I receive products from Influenster to try and review.  This month was all about wedding essentials whether you’re in a wedding or going to one.  Of course this isn’t just wedding products and a few of them will be added to my daily beauty routine.  Here’s what I received and what I…

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E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator

I’ve been looking for a great product to help keep my lips smooth and soft in the summer heat.  This little lip exfoliator is amazing and you can get it for $3 at Target!  It’s a sugar scrub ‘lipstick’ that exfoliates any dry skin on your lips and leaves them super soft.  You can rub…

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Jhene’ Aiko

I really love this girl’s music.  This song is called WTH, I’m assuming for ‘way too high.’  She is Japanese, African American, and Native American.  Her sound is a mix of pop and hip hop, which gives it a really unique tone.  Check it out below 🙂 Like

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Bachelorette Recap: Italy

Andi takes the guys to Italy!!  I’m so glad they are traveling to pretty places!  The first one-on-one goes (back) to Nick.  Andi wants to figure out why he was such a brat the other night and the other guys aren’t happy with her decision on taking Nick.  Cody hasn’t had one yet and is…

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Fun Nail Ideas for summer

Here are some super cute summer nails ideas!!  Try them out :                                                     Like

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Bachelorette Recap: France

So I didn’t recap last week because that episode was such a waste of time.  First of all, what is up with the narrator at the opening of the show?  How corny!  It was basically a recap of the season so far, but sounded like a Disney narration.  They’re acting like years have passed since…

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Hottie of the Week: Shay Mitchell

This girl is adorable!  This Canadian native plays Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liar and is just gorgeous.  She has a great blog( and I actually follow her on Instagram, which probably makes me a 13 year old stalker 🙂  She’s just absolutely stunning and I think she has such great style.  Enjoy 🙂 Like

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