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This song is called Pumpkin Blood by Nonono.  I heard this song recently when I was watching Endless Love.  It’s probably the only good thing about the movie.  I’m pregnant though, so I’m allowed to watch stupid romance movies 🙂  The band is made up of singer Stina Wappling and production duo Astma & Rocwell….

vitality voxbox

Vitality Voxbox

So, I recently received a sampler box from Influenster and got some really great stuff.    A few things I didn’t need or don’t use, but there are a few items that I will for sure buy again. Softlips Cube $3.49.  Ok, so I live in a desert and smooth lips are hard to maintain….

desert noises

Desert Noises

Great new jam called Wings of White by Desert Noises.   Like

kim k

Ben Nye Banana Powder

This loose powder has been around for a few years, but has become more well-known once Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist stated he used it on her.  This powder gives such a flawless finish and is great for most skin colors.  It can be used to set concealer and helps eliminate any creasing.  It also lets…

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Drugstore Finds!!!

Recently, I found a lot of great makeup products at local drugstores and would love to share my favorites.  These are all great alternatives for a fraction of the price. The first products I tried and would recommend are two different foundations.  I have been using Maybelline Super Stay Foundation on and off for about…


Milky Chance

This song was on XM radio the other day, and it has been on repeat ever since.  This group is called Milky Chance and this song is called Stolen Dance.  Their songs are great and you should make them your next Pandora station… for reals.  Milky Chance is a duo group from Germany made up…

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Bachelorette Recap: The Final Rose

Yay!  Finally, the episode we’ve all been waiting for!  The show starts with the live audience and Chris Harrison explains that he obviously can’t say who Andi chose, but the guy who she didn’t pick is still in love with her and has made many attempts to see her.  Oooooh!  I instantly imagine Nick being…

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This girl is amazing!  She has an amazing voice that you might recognize from Zedd’s song Clarity, which won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording.  Her real name is Louisa Rose Allen and she is adorable.  Check out Foxes station on Pandora and this song is called “Home.”  Check out the video below! Like

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Bachelorette Recap: Fantasy Suite

This is one of the best parts of every season!  The final three finally get some sexy alone time!  Andi takes Nick, Chris, and Josh to the Dominican Republic.  Let’s see who she invites into her room and doesn’t kick out 🙂 Nick is the first to start off the episode.  They take a helicopter…

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This was streaming on my Pandora the other day and I fell in love.  Super chill song with great lyrics.  It’s called Bloodstream and it was also on an episode of Vampire Diaries.  They are an English electronic band from London.  The lead singer’s voice is enough reason to listen.  They are very comparable to…

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