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Hottie of the Week: Divergent Cast

I just saw this movie a couple days ago and loved it!  It was so close to the book and they did a great job of making this book come to life.  I really can’t get over how great the cast was.  They were all perfect for the characters they portrayed. Not only that, they are all super hot.  Here’s my tribute to my favorites 🙂

Jai Courtney as Eric.  He was actually my favorite even though he’s a bad guy.  He’s just really hot in that scruffy, bad boy way…..

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jai 2 jai 3 DIVERGENT


Shailene Woodley as Tris.  She did a great job with this part.  Love her!

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Theo James as Four.  He was great eye candy in this movie.  And he had his shirt off….. a lot 🙂

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Maggie Q as Tori.  This girl is just hot by nature and she doesn’t even wear a stitch of make-up in the entire movie.

maggie 1maggie q 2 MAGGIE Q at Comic-Con Party

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Here are four great reasons to go see Divergent if you haven’t already!