Get a Better Shave

I use 2 products for shaving and both of them work so well.  My skin stays super smooth and I never get razor bumps.  The first thing I use for my legs is just regular baby oil.  I stopped using shaving cream because it made my legs dry and crack.  Once I started using baby oil, my legs were instantly softer.  All you need is baby oil and a razor.  I wouldn’t recommend it for the bath because it can stick to the side of the tub.  So, showers only 🙂

The second thing I use is Bikini Zone for my bikini area.  It’s not a cream, but more like a gel.  It gives me a smoother shave and I no longer have razor bumps, ever.  Just make sure you use a good razor too.  I got it at Target, but you can also order it from Amazon.  Around $6.

bikini zone