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Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Mask

I’m obsessed with this hair mask!  Living in a dry climate and having blonde hair really takes a toll on my hair.  My hairdresser recently told me to try this product and it really works wonders! This is the same brand that hairstylists use for doing a Brazilian Blowout, but it’s in the convenience of a bottle and a lot less expensive.  You can use this as a normal conditioner, but I use it once a week as a conditioning mask.  After washing my hair, I ring out as much water as I can to not waste the product.  Then, I apply enough treatment to coat all of my hair.  Leave on for about 10 minutes and then rinse out.  Another option is to apply to damp hair and wear overnight with a cap while sleeping and rinse in the morning.

This product leaves my hair so soft, silky, and shiny.  Even after using this once, I’ve noticed such a difference in my hair.  I have way less breakage and my hair has great volume.  It also smells amazing!  This is a great product to use this summer considering most people are out in the sun and pools a lot more.  You can grab a bottle of Brazilian Blowout Deep Conditioning Mask for around $20 and has lasted me well over a month.    It’s definitely worth a try 🙂

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