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Bachelorette Recap: Week 7, Belgium

This episode is a pivotal week because the four guys to get a rose will be going on Hometown Dates!  The group is in Belgium and there will be 2 individual dates (with no rose) and 1 group date (with a rose).

The first one-on-one goes to Marcus!  He’s been a front runner for Andi for a while now, besides the fact he admitted before that he thought about leaving.  They start off in Brussels and have a little dinner, which entails a full on interview from Andi.  Marcus opens up about not having a great relationship with his mom.  You can tell he’s a little awkward about talking about his feelings, but at least he’s trying to open up.  They make-out on a couple walls as they walk around town and Andi is feelin’ him.  Out of all the guys I feel like Marcus isn’t trying to hard, but he could be a little more laid back.

bachl brusself marcusBack at the hotel Nick decides to track down Andi.  Using his creepy Dexter-like skills he asks the hotel for his “wife’s” rooms number and finds her.  I’d be totally creeped out :/  But, of course Andi thinks it’s cute and goes for a walk with Nick.  Some girls would probably be wondering what alley he was going to kill them in, but not Andi!  He tells Andi he’s going to marry her. So, they make out on a tree and all is good for Nick.

bachl stalker nick

The next one-on-one is with Josh and they go the Ghent.  Andi’s biggest worry is that Josh probably has fun with any girl and wants to feel special.  She can easily see Josh hurting her in the end.  He’s obviously a little reserved, but I’m sure he’s never dated a girl who’s dating a bunch of guys.  I actually like the fact that Josh is the one guy who hasn’t said he’s in love yet or falling in love.  Hello Andi!  Just because guys are telling you that doesn’t mean they aren’t just playing the game.  But, after a little make out sesh, Josh says he’s falling for Andi!  She’s happy because Josh opens up about his family and I hope he gets a rose because I’m interested to see how his family is going to be. I love how this date is going until the band shows up…… I CAN’T!  Seriously, stop with the cheesy ass bands.

bachl josh ghent

The group date explores the country side of Belgium and they check out a monastery.  Andi and Chris, the secret admirer, play with pottery like a scene from Ghost.  He’s someone who I’m sure will be getting a rose.  Nick talks to the guys about how he’s not worried about taking Andi to his family, and of course they continue to hate him.  It gets even worse when Nick gets the rose.  He compares the rose to Andi admitting that she loves him.  This can’t be good, but I’m kind of excited to see Nick’s family.  The other guys are sent back to the hotel and Nick and Andi have dinner and talk about going to Milwaukee.  Maybe she’s scared if he doesn’t get the rose, he’ll definitely kill her?

Back at the hotel the guys drill Nick about how he’s only there for the game and he’s constantly strategizing how to win.  They make a great point because he’s always seemed a bit creepy and arrogant.  Anyways, the rose ceremony will determine which guys are going to be taking Andi to meet their parents.

The guys taking Andi home for next week are Josh, Marcus, Nick, and Chris.  That means Brian and Dylan are leaving.  This is exactly who I thought she would pick and I’m excited to see everyone’s family.  Check back next week for the Hometown Dates!!  My top 2 are Marcus and Josh!