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Bachelorette Recap Week 3: Santa Barbara/Connecticut

This week we got two episodes!  I’m excited about the drama this week!  But, Santa Barbara?  Is the show on a budget cut from Juan Pablo’s season of exotic traveling?

One-on-One:  Nick got the first impression rose on the first night and gets the first one-on-one.  They start off frolicking in the ocean.  Then, they get to bike ride and hike…… um, I’m already tired.  Nick opens up at dinner and tells Andi how he used to be engaged.  For some reason, I don’t really like him for Andi.  He seems a little player-esque.  But, of course, Andi eats up everything he says.  I just think it’s a little scripted, but whatever, he gets the rose and a kiss.  Does he remind anyone else of Dexter?

bachl andi and nick

Group Date:  Patrick totally prances up to Andi for a hug.  Pretty sure he’s there for the wrong reasons, like getting to stay in a house with half-naked men.  Hmmm?  So, the guys meet Boys II Men and get to perform with them.  I like how one of the only black guys, Marquel, actually knows who they are before they start singing.  Bradley, the opera singer, really thinks he’s in his element…… nope, you sing opera.  Listening to these guys practice is hilarious.  But, the performance was even better.  They butchered this song.  Also, why does Tasos hold the mic like he’s 2 Chainz?  Josh gets the rose and I can’t argue with that.

bachl boys to men












One-on-One:  Andi goes out with JJ the pantsapreneur.  I’m still confused what that means.  I do feel bad he gets the worst date ever.  They dress up like old people and walk around a park.  I guess to see if they’d still like each other when they get old and ugly?  He actually reminds me of Bad Grandpa.  I also wish they didn’t walk like they had scoliosis or talk like they were actually about to die.  Yeah, this wouldn’t be my ideal date.  And, no Andi, this is not what it’s like growing old with someone.  I’m pretty sure they also didn’t fool anyone into believing they were actually that old.  They have a lame dinner and he gets a rose.  I’m waiting for her to not give a rose on a date.















Rose Ceremony:  Nick sends flowers while Andi is talking to Eric.  Aw!  Poor Eric gets interrupted.  I do feel like Nick is trying a little too hard and I’m not sure how I feel about him.  Andrew gets called out for getting a girl’s number and gets chased through the house by the guys.  I’m sure it’s not as big a deal as it’s being made out to be.  The opera singer and the hairdresser go home.  Not shocked.

Part 2

This week continues in Connecticut.  Seriously, with the budget cuts?  Andi takes Dylan on a train ride and checks out the views.  It’s a cute idea, but seems a little boring with how quiet Dylan can be.  At dinner, he opens up about his family and losing his both of his siblings.  Obviously, he wanted to get it off his chest and Andi really appreciated his honestly and gave him a rose.

bachl train ride














Group Date:  The guys get to play basketball with professional WNBA players.  Then the guys get to battle each other for the rest of the night with Andi.  Brian is a basketball coach, so it’s a good thing his team won.  The game was definitely hot to watch.  The winning guys get to hang out with Andi.  Her and Eric are kinda still talking about their great first date, but that’s about it.  Brian takes Andi back on the court for a little alone time.  I like him minus the argyle sweater.  He makes a half court shot and Andi swoon, but he doesn’t kiss her so he might be stuck in the friend zone.  Luckily, Brian gets the rose, but he needs to step his game up!

bachl basketball













One-on-One:  Marcus gets to go repelling down a building with Andi.  How is this girl so uncoordinated?  She had a mini meltdown, but Marcus was able to talk her down the building.  He was pretty sly at sneaking in some kisses.    I like Marcus.  There was a second where I thought he might be a stage-five clinger, but once he got some alone time he definitely chilled out.  At dinner, Andi gives him the rose and a make-out.  This girl is getting a little predictable.  Omg!  Another live band…. I can’t!

Exclusive... Andi Dorfman Gets Affectionate With Her Date





















Rose Ceremony:  Brian finally kisses Andi, luckily he’s not in his argyle sweater anymore.  Marquel and Tasos have a little alone time.  But, here is where Eric really messes everything up.  He basically calls out Andi about how he has opened up to her and he feels like she is just acting like a TV actress.  Woah!  Obviously, she is aware there are cameras and I’m sure no one would be perfectly natural in that setting.  Eric kinda seemed like an asshole, and Andi sent him home.  Right after this Chris Harrison and Andi talked about Eric because he was killed in an accident after being sent home.  So, no rose ceremony and Andi did a great job of not making Eric seem like an asshole in his final episode.  They end up saying Tasos was sent home.

Check back next week for another recap!