Bachelorette Recap: Week 2

First of all, I have been out of town so I’ve been a little behind on my Recap 🙂  The second week of the Bachelorette Andi takes Eric to the beach and then snowboarding.  I thought it was a really great date and Eric is not only hot, but smart.  I’m sure half the viewers had a hard time keeping up with his story about Syria probably because they don’t know where it’s located.  I guess saying, “Tell me about Syria” is a totally normal first question.  Anywho, I think Andi really liked Eric’s love of traveling and amazing jawline, so no doubt, he got a rose.

bachl eric and andi














Group Date:   Andi had the guys do an exotic strip dance session in front of an entire audience, which included Kelly and Sharleen.  I didn’t mind this part of the show AT ALL 🙂  I will say though that if a Bachelor ever decided to have the girls dance for him it would be a huge deal and would never go well.  Anywho, like I said, I didn’t mind it.  After this little event, the group had a little after party.  The opera guy sang, which was not sexy at all.  And Craig got wasted out of his mind and jumped in the pool fully clothed.














Andi takes Chris the Farmer to the horse races. I thought he cleaned up really well, but was a little annoyed by the old couple who they “happened” to sit next to and talk about love. I thought it was a little cheesy and staged.  Of course this wouldn’t be the Bachelorette without a “random” live band.  So, they dance to the band and Andi has a pretty good make-out with Chris.  And of course, he gets a rose.













Cocktail Hour/Rose Ceremony:

Craig tries to redeem himself by singing a song for Andi.  It was awful and of course Craig gets sent home at the ceremony.  Also, why are they still calling Josh M. by his last initial when the other Josh already got kicked off?  So the guys who left include Craig, Nick, and Carl.  Check back for my next post…. 2 eps in one week 🙂