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Bachelorette Recap: The Final Rose

Yay!  Finally, the episode we’ve all been waiting for!  The show starts with the live audience and Chris Harrison explains that he obviously can’t say who Andi chose, but the guy who she didn’t pick is still in love with her and has made many attempts to see her.  Oooooh!  I instantly imagine Nick being an Andi stalker.  Anyone else?  He did sneak to her hotel room that one time.

Meet the Family:

The episode starts with Nick meets Andi’s family.  He is super nervous and I’m sure he remembers how mean Andi’s dad was last season.  Not to mention, her dad is huge and a little scary.  Andi gushes to her sister about Nick.  Her dad drills Nick about why he likes his daughter and Nick asks if he can marry Andi.  Her dad actually says yes, which is why the preview commercials are always so misleading because they made it seem like her dad hates everyone.  They make out and Nick leaves feeling like it was a good date.

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Up next is hottie Josh!  He already has brownie points for bringing flowers.  You just know that they would have the cutest kids.  Josh seems super nervous, but he looks amazing!  Andi’s family is trying to look past the fact that Josh is her typical type of athletic guy she normally dates and wants to see if he has any substance.  Josh has a talk with And’s dad and end up getting his blessing.  They actually had on matching outfits, which was pretty cute.  So, Andi’s family ends up being cool with either guy.

bachl josh andis fam

Final One-on-One:

Josh and Andi have their final date on the boat in the Dominican Republic.  They reflect on how awesome they think the other one is and then they jump into the ocean.  Andi talks about needing clarity from Josh that he’s not too good to be true, blah blah.  Can’t she just chill out and make out?  He likes you, girl.  Shut up.  Not everyone is creepy obsessive like Nick.  Hopefully she doesn’t need to be reassured this much once she chooses.  It seems like Josh is genuine and actually ready to be married.  This is usually the date where the guy writes a poem or something equally annoying, but Josh made a baseball card of Andi.  It was really thoughtful and super cute.  “A guy doesn’t put his last name on a girl if he isn’t ready for it,”  says Andi.  Believe it girl.  Pick Josh!  P.S. stop it with the corny romantic comedy music in the background.

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Next, Andi and Nick go on their final date.  They also reminisce on their time together and what smooth things Nick told Andi’s family.  They go for a little dip in the water and Nick states that he needs to hear from Andi that he’s the one for her or else he won’t be proposing.  Um?  So, he basically doesn’t want to look stupid at the end if he proposes and she ends up saying No.  He might just ruin the entire thing by actually saying this to Andi.  It’s funny because Andi is giving the same advice to Nick that Josh gave to her.  She tells him that “it’s gonna be okay,” and Nick takes that as Andi letting him know he’s the one.  They seem to have a more in depth conversation about what their life would actually be like together, so it’s hard to tell who Andi will actually pick.

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The two final men have the final day to think about what might happen.  Josh picks out his ring from Neil Lane, which is amazingly gorgeous!  When Nick gets a knock on his door though, Andi is standing there.  Woah!  Didn’t see that happening.  She tells him that she woke up and knew that something wasn’t right.  Nick is upset and tells Andi that sometimes she took it too far and there are certain things he wishes she wouldn’t have said.  When he first told her he loved her, she said she wished she could say things back.  Andi leaves and it seems somewhat admirable that she dumped him before he got all dressed up and got down on one knee.  It is weird that Nick doesn’t cry and the only thing he says while leaving is that he feels like a fool.

bacl fin andi dumps nick

Well, yay for Josh!  It’s fun watching the show already knowing who will be the person chosen.  Andi finally gets to tell Josh that she loves him and wants to have babies with him.  And, who wouldn’t want to have babies with Josh? He proposes and of course Andi says yes and they make out for a solid five minutes.

bachl fin andi and josh

After the Final Rose:

Apparently, Nick still isn’t over Andi and tried two different times to see her after the show ended, but Andi refused.  Nick talks about how he doesn’t think Andi made the wrong decision, but he will always wonder what could have been.  When he finally talks to Andi he says, “If you didn’t love me, why did you make love with me?”  Woah!  So, Nick spills the beans about going all the way with Andi.  It was funny to hear, but he kind of needs to quit crying about it and move on.  bachl finale nick and andi

Josh ends up coming out and they talk about a spring wedding.  They are super cute, but they seem a little bit scripted and are overdoing things a little bit.  It looks a little forced.  Well, that’s a wrap for this season!  Wish they would have announced the new Bachelor, but ABC is sure to announce it soon enough 🙂

Andi's ring.... Holy!

Andi’s ring…. Holy!