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Bachelorette Recap: Italy

Andi takes the guys to Italy!!  I’m so glad they are traveling to pretty places!  The first one-on-one goes (back) to Nick.  Andi wants to figure out why he was such a brat the other night and the other guys aren’t happy with her decision on taking Nick.  Cody hasn’t had one yet and is a little bummed.

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Nick and Andi take a gondola ride in Venice, get some pizza and ice cream, and talk about his attitude.  Of course he says he’s going to do better, but I still think he’s playing the game.  Andi gets all hot and bothered in the boat ride and basically makes out with Nick the whole time.  That night they get all dressed up and go to a masquerade building to have dinner.  I’m a little shocked that he admitted he was falling in love.  I just think this guy is a little schmoozer and basically a little manipulative.  He is very good with his words, so I will give him that.  Nick gets a rose and OMG! the music starts!!  Ugh!  They go to a masquerade ball and Nick compares the ball to him “taking off his mask and opening up.”  Kill me now.

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The group date starts with the guys taking a lie detector test.  Really?  I guess Andi can’t pick out the liars herself, so I’m not surprised she needs a little help.  Bless her.  How crazy is this date?  If a guy I was dating made me take a lie detector test, I would totally run the other way.  This date is totally unromantic and super weird.  So, it seems as if Andi has some trust issues, but she decides to not read the results.  She decides that it doesn’t matter, and they continue to a cocktail party.  Andi and Brian has a short convo and make out.  Why does Brian’s face always get sooo red?  He really needs to breathe.  Marcus told Andi he thought about leaving, but he didn’t because he’s in love with her.  He finally dropped the L-bomb!  He didn’t say “falling in love,” but “in love.”  Woah Marcus!  Josh freaks out about having to do the lie detector and makes Andi question if he has something to hide.  Doesn’t she realize that’s how a normal person would react?  Chris admits to being her secret admirer and she ends up giving him the date rose.

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Cody finally gets his one-on-one date and is super pumped.  He seems a little like a meat head, but he also seems like a nice guy.  Despite to douchey, Jersey Shore look he has going on.  They go to Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet, and read love letters.  Cody is actually really cute.  He seems like a genuinely nice guy.  They end up having dinner in a beautiful courtyard.  Reading the letters actually inspired Cody to write a letter to Andi.  He could at least write a children’s book.  It definitely wasn’t that bad.  But, then he starts talking.  He starts talking about meeting his family and rolling around in the grass.  Andi starts crying and Cody just keeps talking.  She stops him and tells him that she basically only feels a friendship.  Cody gets sent home and it’s a little shocking because it’s the first one-on-one where Andi has sent someone home.

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At the rose ceremony, Andi has four roses to hand out, which means one guy is going home.  Josh probably felt like he was going to be sent home, but instead JJ is sent home.  This isn’t a huge surprise since their kiss always seems a little awkward.  What a long flight home.  Poor JJ.  Next week they head to Brussels.  Check back for another recap!