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Bachelorette Recap: Hometown Dates

This is one of my favorite episodes!  I love when the Bachelor/Bachelorette gets to meet the final four’s families!  Andi gets to see inside the lives of her final guys and this group is going to be very interesting.

The first hometown date is with Nick is Milwaukee.  They start off at a brewery get to taste different types of beers.  Nick teaches Andi how to do the polka and they are both awful.  I remember last season how bad of a dancer Andi was and the two together look super awkward.  Two negatives make a positive?  No.  Nick takes Andi to meet his ten siblings.  Woah!  The entire family is sitting across from the them and asking them a million questions.  It’s like putting on a show and it looks completely uncomfortable.  Can we also just talk about Nick’s awkward childhood picture on the wall?  He definitely got cuter, barely.  I will say that Nick’s little sister is extremely adorable.  It was really cute to see her and Nick interact.  It was also unexpected to see Nick cry when talking about Andi to his mom. Who knew he had feelings?  This hometown date went really well and it seems Andi still really likes Nick.

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Next, Andi goes to meet Chris in some small ass town in Iowa.  Its great to see Chris is an actual grown up and has his own house.  His backyard is literally a farm and Chris takes Andi on a tractor ride.  It’s safe to say she thinks his tractor’s sexy.  Her biggest concern is if she could actually have a life and live in Iowa.  They have a picnic in the cornfield and Chris has a helicopter fly by saying “Chris loves Andi.”  That’s probably as romantic as you can get sitting in the cornfield.  Andi meets Chris’ three sisters and his parents.  Chris’ mom is the cutest little peach there ever was.  It seems Andi ends up liking Iowa and let’s all hope she picks anyone but Nick.

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Andi meets Josh in Georgia, which is where she’s from.  At least she wouldn’t have that far of a move.  They start off at the baseball field and Josh does not look bad on the field.  Andi meets Josh’s parents and his brother.  The family is obsessed with football and his little brother, Erin, is gearing up for the NFL draft, so that’s a major topic of conversation.  Andi is a little worried that the entire focus of this family is sports and especially Erin’s football career.  Every conversation they have with Andi is mostly sports related.  That’s definitely going to be a big deciding factor for her.  After many conversations, the family plays football together in the yard.  It will be interesting to see how her and Josh play out.

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The last date is with Marcus in Dallas.  He picks her up in his Mercedes and takes her to dinner where he reenacts his strip tease.  Not a bad way to start the date.  Andi meets Marcus’ mother, sister and brother, and niece and nephew.  Andi’s biggest concern is that Marcus has fallen for her so fast and she’s not as deep into it as him.  Marcus is definitely a sensitive guy and talks a lot about his dad leaving the family.  This date has a lot of deep conversations and it would be surprising if Marcus isn’t the next Bachelor in the case that Andi doesn’t pick him.


The episode takes a sad turn and Chris Harrison reveals what we already know about the death of Eric Hill.  The guys seem super nervous and who can blame them?  After they learn the news, everyone is upset and Andi feels guilty about their last conversation.  The episode ends up being very somber after the news, but the rose ceremony continues anyway.  Josh, Chris, and Nick get a rose.  Poor Marcus!  It’s very sad to see him go and of course weird that Nick is staying.  Let’s hope Nick doesn’t end up being picked in the end.  It’s hard to see her end up picking Josh, so I think it’s a close run between Nick and Chris.  We’ll find out in two weeks who Andi picks!  Maybe Marcus will be the next Bachelor?