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Bachelorette Recap: France

So I didn’t recap last week because that episode was such a waste of time.  First of all, what is up with the narrator at the opening of the show?  How corny!  It was basically a recap of the season so far, but sounded like a Disney narration.  They’re acting like years have passed since the first episode….. um, this is only the 4th week in people.  Basically, I just wasted the first 20 minutes of this episode recapping episodes I already wasted minutes of my life on.  Double waste ABC!  Let’s just say I’m thankful for DVR 🙂

Ok, moving on to this week!  I guess the show worked out the budget and finally sent the group to France!  The first one-on-one goes to Josh.  I’m mostly excited because he’s super hot.  Hopefully, she can break into his typical baseball boy status and find something a little deeper about him.  They shop and then pretend to be in Titanic and go on a boat ride.  Josh explains how he’s done playing ball because he wants a family and then they make out.  I would actually just spend the whole date doing that 🙂  Andi hopes that her feelings for him aren’t just physical.  They have a little heart to heart and Josh explains that he doesn’t think he’s found the one yet(duh) and of course he gets the rose.  I don’t think he’s a total playboy, but I’m still a little skeptical.  But, he’s hot, so I’m glad he’ll be around longer.  Next, enters the band!  Ugh!  Isn’t this the third one so far?  I can’t with the live bands!  They dance the song away on a strip on red carpet.  Typ-i-cal.

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Group Date:  The guys take a class and learn how to Mime and then perform in the street.  It was cute and everyone had a great time, except for Nick.  He complained he doesn’t like group dates, but at least he’s already had a one-on-one.  He kinda needs to go with the flow and not be a little brat about it.  Nick seems to act a little above group dates and it’s gonna end up making him look bad.  Suck it up butter cup!

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JJ takes Andi on a Ferris wheel ride.  Who doesn’t want to look at France from a Ferris wheel?  Good job JJ!  But, of course the guys confront Nick about his attitude and even mention it to Andi.  She’s starting to wonder if he’s a manipulator or not.  I’ve been a little apprehensive about him from the beginning, but he wrote Andi a poem, so she overlooks it.  Come on, girl.  At least she has a little bug in her ear to keep an eye on Nick.

Does anyone else notice that Andi always has a resting bitch frown face?  Always.

bachl andi resting frown face

Moving on, Marquel was told that Andrew said a racial comment about him and of course he got upset.  Really, though?  If I heard a rude comment like that, I think I’d keep it to myself.  I’d never want to upset hot little Marquel.  I will say he handled it really well.  I think he’s even hotter by how he reacted to the situation.  Andi is a little weirded out by how much drama is going on.  JJ gets the rose, and Nick pouts about it.  Does he really think he’s gonna get every one-on-one and date rose?  Get over yourself dude.

The next one-on-one goes to Brian, the basketball coach.  They start off watching a cheesy movie about love and cooking.  So this of course leads to them cooking.  “There’s a recipe to love,”  says Andi.  Stop it.  They start cooking and Brian isn’t really into it.  Andi said the movie made it look so romantic and is confused :/  It’s okay Andi, I’m sure you think this whole show is real….. just like the movies.  They totally botch the dinner and end up going to a restaurant.  Andi forgives his awkwardness and gives him the rose and they make out.

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Rose Ceremony:  Andi states that going into this ceremony she wants to go with her gut and make a bigger cut than normal.  She doesn’t want a cocktail party and wants to go straight into the ceremony where she will send three guys home.  Andrew, Patrick, and Marquel(no!!) were sent home.  I’m really surprised Marquel got sent home.  He was the cutest and nicest, so I’m sad he’s gone.  I hate when guys cry on this show, but I really feel bad for Marquel.  I’m also a little surprised Nick is still here.  I mean Andi picked Cody and Nick over Marquel.  WTF? Andi?  She’s still frowning.  Me too, girl!

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Next week the group goes to Venice!  Check back for the recap!