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Bachelorette Recap: Fantasy Suite

This is one of the best parts of every season!  The final three finally get some sexy alone time!  Andi takes Nick, Chris, and Josh to the Dominican Republic.  Let’s see who she invites into her room and doesn’t kick out 🙂

Nick is the first to start off the episode.  They take a helicopter ride to a pretty little island and make out for a really long time.  Like 5 minutes straight…… Fast forward buttons are awesome.  Finally, they stop and Andi asks him about his breakup and previous engagement.  He barely talks about it before they go snorkeling.  They continue to dinner and Nick reads a story he wrote Andi.  It wouldn’t be the Bachelorette without a cheesy moment like this.  Of course, Andi loved it!  Shocker!  I love that he said, “Nick fell under an evil spell, which made him act like a big baby.”  Or you’re just a brat?  The book ends with them going to the fantasy suite and what do you know?  It gets Andi to invite Nick to the fantasy suite.  They’re totally gonna do it.  Ew.  On the way to the suite Nick tells Andi he loves her and they make out on a tree.  Where’s Josh??

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Josh is up next!  Finally!  They walk around town and end up at a baseball field with cute little kids.  Ok, we get it, Josh really likes baseball.  They have small talk while sharing a coconut and Josh confesses his love for Andi.  She blushes as any girl would.  These guys are really geekin’ out over Andi.  Fantasy suite dates are when the guys stop acting too cool and start ugly grinning.  Andi takes Josh to dinner and make a million kissy sounds.  Josh seems like the one guy who will be able to put Andi in her place and not be a pushover.  She seems like she can be difficult and Josh is probably the one guy to make her chill out.  They have some sexy time in the pool and of course she’d be stupid not to take Josh to her room 🙂

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Next, Andi takes Chris on a horse ride.  Andi states right away that she’s not sure if she’s ready to stay the night with Chris or not.  Apparently Andi doesn’t like horses, so not sure who’s idea that was.  Right away this date seems really awkward.  She had two great dates with Nick and Josh, so it sucks that Chris is last.  They play hide and seek and Andi is already over this date.  They head to dinner and she states why she is unsure about Chris.  She voices how she doesn’t think Iowa is somewhere she would be able to live.  She also states that she doesn’t see Chris ever leaving the farm.  Cue the tears.  Andi breaks down and tells Chris that there is a lot missing.  Andi says she can’t get there in time with Chris and doesn’t want him to wait days for a rose ceremony.  Poor Chris.  Honestly though, he’ll be fine and meet a girl who’s cool with living in farm town.  So, Andi sends Chris home.  Nick and Josh must have had some great bedroom moves.

Josh and Nick are the final two!  Obviously Josh has to win!  We find out tomorrow!!