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Bachelorette Recap: Andi Meets Her Suitors

Yay!!! I’m so excited that the Bachelorette is back, and most excited that it’s Andi!  She is seriously my favorite girl from Juan Pablo’s season and I think she’s gonna be fun to watch.  I’m pretty sure I can speak for everyone when I say that Andi was amazing for telling off Juan Pablo and leaving the show last season. Seriously, I’m surprised she lasted as long as she did. But, hey!, look where she is now.  This episode Andi meets her suitors and I think this season is gonna be great with a lot of drama.

andi with roses

First, the show started off with remembering on of the suitors, Eric Hill, who passed away in April from paragliding incident.  The show usually starts off super upbeat and exciting, but this time we started with a sad tone as Chris Harrison announced the contestants death.  Which is sad, because he actually looked like the hottest one.  After this announcement, we were reintroduced to Andi and her mission to find love.  Also, why is she so southern all of a sudden.  Pretty sure she said “ya’ll” about 20 times.  Anywho, let’s meet the guys!

Bradley: Opera Singer, 32.  Opera singer?  Really?

bachl bradley

Andrew: Social Media Marketer, 30

bachl andrew

Brett: Hairdresser, 29.  Is he trying to be straight?  He also brought Andi a lamp from the hotel room.  Like, why?

bachl brett

Brian: Basketball Coach, 27

bachl brian

Carl: Firefighter, 30.

bachl carl

Chris: Farmer, 32.

bachl chris

Cody: Personal Trainer, 28.  If he didn’t look douchey enough, he pushed the limo up the driveway.  Stop it Jersey Shore.

bachl cody

Craig: Tax Accountant, 29

bachl craig

Dylan: Accountant, 26.

bachl dylan

Emil: Helicopter Pilot, 33.  He actually said his name is pronounced like ANAL, but with an M.  I’m done.

bachl emil

Eric: Explorer(huh??), 31.

bachl eric

Jason: Urgent Care Physician, 35.  He told Andi he could diagnose her by looking at her, and she looked like she had the fever ’cause she was hot.  Ew.

bachl jason

JJ: Pantsapreneur(seriously, wtf?), 30.  No, seriously?  What is your job?

bachl jj

Josh B: Telecommunication, 29

bachl joshb

Josh M: Former Pro Baseball Player.  Enough said.

bachl joshm

Marcus: Sports Medicine Manager

bachl marcus

Marquel: Sponsorship Salesman.  He’s cute, and like cookies.  He’ll be around for awhile.

bachl marquel

Mike: Bartender, 29.

bachl mike

Nick S: Pro Golfer, 27

bachl nicks

Nick V: Software Sales Executive, 33

bachl nickv

Patrick: Advertising Executive, 29

bachl patrick

Ron: Beverage Sales Manager, 28

bachl ron

Rudie: Attorney, 31

bachl rudie

Steven: Snowboard Product Developer, 30

bachl steven

Tasos: Wedding Event Coordinator, 30.  At least he’ll help put on a great wedding 🙂

bachl tasos


Some of these guys are questionable, but there are definitely some potential hubbies.  Nick V. ends up getting the first impression rose, so I’m excited to see how that goes.  Andi also got rid of ALL of the guys with long hair, so goodbye Jason, Mike and Steven.  She also sent home the Anal guy, i meant Emil.  Mike the bartender left probably because Andi is an attorney and doesn’t wanna live off tips.  Josh also got the ax and whined all the way to the car.

Why the hell did Chris B. decide to come back?  You’ve already been on two of these shows, you are done, dude! And I love how he said he has been in LA on his own for seven days.  I mean, aren’t you a grown up?  Is it so crazy that you were in a super cool city by yourself for a week?  No.  Go away.  So glad Andi didn’t want to meet him.  Stalker status.

bachl chris l



















Can’t wait to see what happens on the rest of this season!!  Check back next week for another recap!