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Bachelor Recap

This week’s episode was so juicy!  Juan Pablo continued to make-out with everyone, at least one girl had a break down bawling session, and three girls were sent home.  Pretty typical, but so entertaining.  I’m also pretty sure Juan Pabs went all the way with Clare.

Group Date:  JP pretty much only gave attention to Clare.  All the other girls were a little pissed, but they should have been.  That shit was ruuuuude!  Then at the end of the group date, he took Clare back to his room.  Never show the crazy lady where you live JP!  Of course, she went back later that night and they frolicked in the ocean.  They totally hooked up!  She said, “It was pure bliss in every way.”  Hashtag hookerface!

bach clare


Cocktail Party:  Juan pulled Clare aside and told her he regretted what they did.  Of course, Clare started crying.  Hello JP!  So, then she cried forever and said she had such bad “allergies.”  People aren’t stupid Clare.  Plus she also said in her toast, ”  Cheers to finding love, being loved, and making love.”  No doubt they went all the way.  He could have ruined it for his future fiance once she sees this.

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I kinda started liking Nikki again after she opened up to JP about helping sick kids.  Hopefully, their “near death experience” while cave diving helped knock the bitch out of her.  She was a lot more tolerable this episode.

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Front Runners:  Clare for obvious reasons.  Nikki after her “I’m nice again” convo.  Sharleen has always seemed to be one of JP’s favorites.  Can we also discuss her weird quote this week.  “I need to know that he sees me as a panda in a room full of brown bears.”  Huh??

My personal favorite is Andi, but he doesn’t seem to like her as much as some of the others.  That’s so confusing to me, but whatevs.  Hopefully, she can come back next season as the Bachelorette!

bach andi

Eliminated:  Danielle, Alli, and Kelly.  I kinda saw them all leaving soon, but I’m sad Kelly is gone.  That girl was funny.  Remember when she said that Clare has probably had bigger things in her mouth than the small piece of octopus she was challenged to eat?  Maybe Kelly can see the future 🙂

bach kelly

Who do you think will go home next week?