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Bachelor Recap: Hometown Dates

So, there were two nights of the Bachelor this week.  The 4 girls left for the hometown dates were Renee, Clare, Nikki, and Andi.  Juan Pabs visits each girl’s hometown to meet the fam.

Nikki:  Juan Pabs goes to Kansas City to visit Nikki.  Her family is kind of exactly how I imagined.  I actually like her more in her own setting rather than freaking out on Clare with the girls in the house.  Her dad totally gave JP his blessing and Nikki told her mom that she loved him.  Super typical.  But, if Nikki was my daughter I’d approve of anyone taking her.

bach nikki hometown


nikki hometown

Andi:  JP goes to Georgia to visit Andi and met her not so welcoming dad.  I actually really liked his approach to JP about giving his blessing.  He said when she’s the last one and you’re sure that it’s only her, then give me a call.  This is why Andi is probably so smart and thinks critically about situations.

bach hometown andi


andi hometown dad

Renee:  JP gets to visit Renee in Florida and meets her son.  Am I the only one who thought her son was a child?  He’s like 12!  or 10?  Whatever, he’s like a grown kid.  Anyways, I’m surprised she made it this far and probably only got the hometown date because Sharleen decided to bounce.

bach renee hometown

Clare:  I was so excited to see Clare’s family because I predicted them to all be crazy.  But, there was just only one kinda bitchy/protective sister that wasn’t that bad.  I was kinda expecting her to throw Clare under the bus, but it wasn’t that dramatic.  Ugh!  I hate how they edit these things.  JP also got to connect with Clare’s mom and spoke Spanish with her, which is probably the most connection he’s had with anyone.

bach hometown clare

Fantasy Suites:

So Renee is let go.  Not surprised.  The remaining girls all go to the fantasy suite.  Also, not surprised.  I think it’s so weird how he felt bad about his ocean romp session with Clare, but has not problem sleeping with three women in the same episode.  But, Andi gets upset because they didn’t really talk about anything of substance or future ideas for their life.  Definitely not surprised.  JP has such a dense personality.  I seriously wonder how he’s gonna pick anyone because he just “likes” everyone.  Nikki spills to JP that she loves him and of course he responds with a make-out.

fantasy suite dates


That looks painful

nikki fantasy

Andi leaves at her own will.  I’m surprised everyone else hasn’t also  figured out that life with Juan Pabs would be so dense.  He actually brought up his overnight date with Clare.  He’s seriously stupid.  No girl in history wants to hear about how you stayed the night with another girl.  Especially when you’re dating both at the same time.  He also told her that she made it there by default.  Um, kbye.  Kudos to Andi for being honest.  Now, I’m totally convinced that she will be the next Bachelorette.  She’d be so good and I love how feisty she is.  It’d be a great season.

andi yells at jp

I have a feeling Crazy Clare is going to be the one he picks.  Partly, because her mom can speak Spanish.  The end.  I also can’t wait to see all the girls reunite next week.  It’s gonna be amazing!  Let’s hope they announce Andi as the next Bachelorette!

andi as bachlorette