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Bachelor Recap: Finale and ATFR

So…… weirdest Bachelor finale ever!  Let’s get into it…..

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Clare:  She meets JuanPabs with his family, including his daughter Camila.  The kid looked like she was trying to smack Claire and then it turned into an awkward fist bumping thing.  I also like how JP’s entire family tried to warn Clare about him.  Saying things like he runs when things get too hard and that he’s mean.  Instead of listening to any clues, Clare just kept gushing about how she’d love to marry JP and she’d be so happy.  Ummm.  Get a clue Barbie.

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Then, they went on a helicopter ride to their final over night stay.  Apparently, when the cameras were off and they were exiting the helicopter Clare asked Pablo to say if he was in love with her.  We later found out that he replied, “I just love f*king you.”  Obviously referring to their ocean boning sesh.  This upset Clare, which I think would upset any girl.  She brought it up to him and he said he doesn’t even need anything sexual.  Um, what?  Lies JP.  Then he proceeds to tell her he can see having a kid with her in a year and two months (exactly?) Anywho, he left and she was crying on the bed.  Onto the next JP with no clue at all how to talk to an upset girl….. ugh!

Nikki:  The family kinda says the same thing to Nikki about JP and she also doesn’t get it.  I love how the first thing she does when she gets there is complain about the heat.  She also said she’s ready to get engaged, blah blah.  Her overnight date was also weird.  She has already told JP that she loves him and was trying to get some sort of emotion out of him.  She said how it was almost the end and seemed like she was unsure he was ready to propose yet.  This is when JP decided it was time to say goodbye and left Nikki also a crying mess.

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Final Girl:  Well, sort of.  It’s hard to say who it seemed like Juanny was going to choose.  But, then Clare stepped off the boat first.  He told her thank you for taking this journey with him, but “I have to follow what is best for me.  I’ll have to say goodbye to you.”  Clare was not having it.  She didn’t hug him when he tried and told him he had every opportunity to tell her that he wasn’t there yet.  She was mad he had put her through the final speech.  “I lost respect for you.  I would never want my children having a father like you.”  Ouch.  Even worse is when Juan Pablo said “I’m glad I didn’t pick her” as she walked away.  What a loser.

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Then comes Nikki.  I think everyone guessed he maybe would have proposed, but NOPE.  Right after she spilled her guts he told her thinks she’d be a good step-mom for his daughter and he likes her a lot.  That’s the same.  I still can’t believe he told her he had a ring in his pocket, but wasn’t going to use it.  (Was she there when he had to hand it back?) He asked Nikki to accept the final rose and she actually accepts.  I think she was confused and just happy he didn’t dump her.


After the final rose:  This is where everything really gets awkward.  Clare comes out and says her whole spiel about how she should have left when she thought the feelings weren’t there.  Chris Harrison asks her if she’d like to see JP and ask him any questions and Clare declines.  Finally, she does one smart thing.  Juan Pablo comes out next and Chris asks him if he regrets anything at all.  JP says that he doesn’t and no one is surprised.  Chris started to ask him a question and JP actually says for Chris not to interrupt him.  I’m pretty sure if there was anyone left that liked JuanPabs, doesn’t anymore.  No one talks to Chris like that and gets away with it JP!

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When Nikki joins him, Chris continues to probe JP if he loves Nikki and he says it’s nobody’s business.  Um, yes it is.  You were on a tv show, therefore, you have no privacy.  I get that a lot of this show does seem like fake emotions because the time these people have with each other is just a few months.  Not many people get engaged that quickly in real life, but to not even be able to express feelings more than “like” is weird.  He just seems like a smug ass.  There was also going to be some surprise from JP, which we can assume would be a proposal.  But, when Chris brings it up, JP says he has nothing planned.  Seriously?  So glad this season is over.

Let’s at least realize the only good thing that happened this season, which is Andi!  Yay for the new Bachelorette!

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