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rapid brow

Rapid Brow Review

Ok, so I have been struggling with very sparse eyebrows for years due to over plucking when I was younger.  I have tried not touching them for a period of time and also used castor oil.  Castor oil worked great on my eyelashes, but only because I already had hair to work with.  The castor…

brow wiz

Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil

I absolutely love this eyebrow pencil.  I used to use a powder, but fell in love with this Brow Wiz pencil by Anastasia.  It goes on really easy and helps create a really defined eyebrow that doesn’t come off looking harsh.  I have really fine eyebrows, so this pencil helps me use strokes that look…

beauty routine

Beauty Tips and Tricks

Just a few things that might improve your beauty routine…… Fix clumpy mascara: Your mascara should be replaced around the  3 month mark.  Of course, if you reapply more than once a day, it should be less than 3 months.  But when your wand starts to clump up, just run it under warm water until…

castor oil

Hair Growth

I’ve been trying to do anything to get my eyelashes and eyebrows to grow and become thicker. I was using Latisse for a couple months and it wasn’t really working. Recently, I’ve discovered an amazing (and way less expensive) way for that to happen by using Castor Oil. I bought a huge bottle on Amazon…

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